Teaching children

Extremely low-cost and high-value Christian education in India.

Where could you get Christian education at just $0.15 per day?

May God bless the young people of India with his grace in Christ Jesus.

G.O.S.P.E.L. Tuition Centres
Tuition centres are a rich blessing for tribal communities in our mission field.
These tribal folk who are mostly illiterate, often don’t value education for their children. They are being challenged to make education an important focus.
Over the last five years GOSPEL has been offering this important parallel ministry in some of the places where our church planters have been working.

​​What happens:

  • Committed staff are recruited and resourced with materials and equipped through regular seminars. They are encouraged and supervised in their work.
  • Every day “Christian coaching” is offered for 750 boys and girls. The teachers review the children’s school work, help the with homework and teach them the stories of the Bible.
  • As 95% of parents are illiterate they can’t help their own children with reading or writing. After the tuition, the children will go home and share their understanding with their mums and dads.
  • During school holidays, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is offered to many children.
  • At Christmas time there is always a significant Christmas program which is another great Gospel opportunity for children and the community.

Outcomes of TC project:

  • Reaching 750 children in 25 tuition centres.
  • Great learning outcomes. Most children who attend Tuition Centres don’t drop out. They do much better academically.
  • This educational support helps to build the church as future members and leaders will be better grounded on God’s Word. Psalm 78:4.

Cost for the TC project:

  • This program constitutes some 14% of the GOSPEL budget.
  • It works out at less than $30/child/year. 15 cents a day for 200 days/year.

(Amazingly, that’s less than 1% of Christian School Fees in Australia.)

The JSB is coming
This year we hope to conclude the printing of the Jesus Story Book Bible in Hindi and Gujarati. These will be given to children to even further enhance good Christ centred view of the Bible.

Tuition Centres

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Teaching Children

Tuition centres are a rich blessing for predominantly illiterate tribal communities in our mission field. 

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