Planting Churches

We now have some 90 church planting evangelists.

The organisation CRFI has carefully selected mature, teachable and gifted believers who have a passion for engaging in church planting amongst their own people. 

One such man is Rasiya (pictured below) and his wife Lila who have 2 sons and a daughter. We visited Rasiya in June 2016. He was most encouraged by our visit. They have been working at church planting with CRFI for some 2 years now. His field is amongst Bhil tribal people who are almost totally illiterate. So, tracts are not really helpful in doing evangelism. The folk among whom he labours are poor subsistence farmers who grow maize as their main crop. The land is poor and stony.

Rasiya does one to one evangelism and teaches the Gospel through preaching and with through songs which reinforce the message. Drama is used also to illustrate his preaching. God has wonderfully blessed his ministry! In the last year 65 adults have come to faith in Jesus. 42 of these have requested and received water baptism

He was doing church planting work before he “joined up” with CRFI. However, that work was really floundering because he was on his own. Since joining the CRFI team, Rasiya has seen good growth. He attributes this to God who has blessed the pastoral support he receives from his team leader and the Field Director.
Rasiya’s ministry is now much more structured. Receiving financial support means that he has also released to do so much more. He is now more free to be more focussed on the work to head up the outreach work amongst his own needy people who live in great darkness.

A local CRC congregation in Australia prays for Rasiya and provides about $9/day for his support. Rasiya and the believers in India pray for the church in Gospel partnership with them.

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Compassionate Catalogue 2018 - Gift 11

Rajesh a GOSPEL Missionary

Rasiya a GOSPEL Missionary

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Plant churches

Mature, teachable and gifted believers have been carefully selected to engage in church planting amongst their own people.

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