Missionary Reports

Annual Report of a Missionary Worker for the Year of 2015

Praise be to God!
I am Rajesh Baria sending my annual report for the year 2015. My village name is in Badwani district of Madhya Pradesh state. I have been working with GOSPEL since 2009. Most of the people are tribal. I belong to Barela tribe. Most of the people are poor and farmers. People in my village have lands but not suitable for agriculture. Our agriculture depends on rain. Our land is stony. Only a few people have agriculture land. Our main food is maize, wheat, millets and dal.

My wife name is Meena. We have four children, three daughters and one son. My first daughter name is Aradhana which means worship. She is six years old. Second daughter name is Esther, age four years. Third daughter name is Karuna which means compassion. She is two years old. The fourth is a son, named, Amos. My wife Meena and I like the character of prophet Amos. Therefore, we have put our son’s name Amos. We pray that our son becomes a servant of God. My wife and I prayed for a son. God answered our prayer and blessed my family with a boy child in 2015. Without a son family is incomplete in my tribal culture.

Regional news:
There was a drought in 2015. Due to this, most of my village people went to Gujarat and Maharashtra. We can find only a few people in my village. The drought has affected much economically. This is the first time I have seen this kind of drought in my area. Some people have irrigation facility. They tried best to get one crop. In the month of October, there was sudden heavy rain for two days. This rain destroyed all the crops. Both poor and rich lost their crops.


I am working among Barela, Bhil, Mankara and Harijan. Harijans are untouchables in the Indian context. People do not eat and drink in their houses. Harijans are low caste people and not allowed to enter into the houses of other community people. Through my ministry, five
Harijan families accepted Christ and got their identity in Christ. At present, I have three worship groups and one prayer group. I have adopted seven villages for the gospel preaching. God gave 14 baptized believers in 2015. A total number of the people accepted Christ is thirty-four. Due to the social barrier and fear, some people could not take baptism but attending the worship services of our congregations. There are 12 new believers ready for the baptism. At Hirakrai village, I get very good response. I have a regular worship service on every Wednesday. Altogether there are 140 believers are witnessing Christ in different villages of my gospel adopted areas. I would like give a brief testimony of a new believer from my outreach village:

There is a young man at Hirkarai village. His name is Mukesh Jamre, age 16 years studying in tenth grade. He has three brothers and two sisters. His father and mother are farmers. He has to depend on his elders’ brothers for his study. I have a worship group at Hirkarai village. Mukesh’s home is near to my congregation. He was observing Christian worship for so many months. Other believers’ witnessing life was attractive to this young man. In Jan 2015, he came and attended the worship service. After the worship, I shared the gospel with this young man. After one month he accepted Christ as his personal saviour. His parents were impressed with his new life in Christ and encouraged him to attend the Christian program. As he was growing in his Christian life, his brother’s opposed his new Christian faith and threatened that he would not get any financial support for his study. He was depressed and shared with the congregation about his problem. We all prayed for him encouraged and decided to help his education if his brothers failed to support him. Through the constant follow up and spiritual nurture he became a strong believer and baptized in April 2015. His new life made a great impact on his brothers also. He is facing another issue that his parents are forcing him to marry soon. He decided to marry a Christian girl. This is the crucial time for Mukesh. Kindly remember him in your prayer.

Obstacles in the ministry:
The Bajrang Dall (A Hindu group) is very active in my outreach areas. Activists of this group visit every village and disturbing Christians. At Samlet village, our believers were threatened to be excommunicated from the society if they continue in their Christian faith. There is a group called Shiv Pant also active in my area and harassing the believers. Another obstacle is baptism. Nowadays a giving baptism has become difficult because of the anti-conversion bill in my state.

…..some of the events:

In the month of Jan 2015, we gathered for GOSPEL thanksgiving meeting at Attarchamba village. In April month, I organized Passion Week program systematically in my entire congregation. There was a Mela (Christian Rally) conducted in April 2015 for all the cluster believers. Nearly 400 believers gathered from different
congregations. This was a great blessing to all my believers. This was a time of fellowship. In June, there was a launch of community development program in my area. Since our area is very poor and backward, GOSPEL has arranged community program through Eficor. I organized two baptism programs in September and in October. I also attended along with 84 of my co-workers annual seminar at Baroda in which Rev. Bert Kuiper and Dr. Philip Scheepers from Australia taught Bible teachings. In Nov, there was a family seminar for believers in my cluster. This was a great blessing to my believers. I got VBS training in Nov. I learned some new methods to reach the children in my area. Dec month was a great blessed because of Christmas program. This program was organized in my village. Nearly 200 people attended and blessed. 40 nonbelievers participated and came to know about Christ through this Christmas.

Praising Points:​​​​​​

  • I praise God for leading me throughout the year of 2015.
  • I praise God for the gift of a child to my family in Feb 2015. God has answered my prayer and gave a son.
  • I praise God 14 people who baptised and added to the church.
  • I praise God for the development project which is being carried in my outreach villages. Five of my outreach villages have been adopted for community development.

Prayer Points:

  • Kindly pray for my outreach villages and new souls in 2016.
  • Kindly pray for believers to grow spiritually and witness for Christ.
  • Kindly pray for the anti-Christian activists. Due to the change of government, they are more active in my outreach villages.

We thank you for your sacrificial support towards my ministry in Madhya Pradesh. Your support helped me to take care of my family and ministry. In spite of opposition, God’s work is progressing. I am grateful for your prayer and financial support. I will pray for you and your family. It is my great privilege to serve God through GOSPEL mission. Kindly uphold me in your prayer.

Greetings in our Lord’s name.​

Rajesh Baria
April, 2016